February 20, 2015



Enzymes are used in most of agro-industries sectors : brewing, fruit juices, oenology, baking, alcohol, dairy, grain processing, meat and fish processing…

More than 30 classes of enzymatic activities are currently available (proteases,, pectinases, lipases, cellulases…) and each category can include up to 10 distinct enzymes for different applications. For instance, similar enzymes can be produced from various micro-organisms (Aspergillus sp., Trichoderma sp., Bacillus sp. to name a few bugs). As a consequence, there are today more than 240 enzyme references available for industrial use in Europe – source : AMFEP.

Moreover, many players are involved in delivering the enzymes to the processing industry, from enzyme producers to distributors and including sometimes formulating and blending companies.

Therefore one can understand the complexity in choosing and using the right enzyme solutions within the different industrial conditions and needs.

Based on 15+ years experience in the application of enzymes in different industries, we have identified 3 critical points for enzyme users :

  • selection criteriae (activity, availability, cost)
  • quality and safety parameters
  • application in industrial conditions

EFFIASE –enzyme efficiency- is offering its clients and partners 3 main services : choose, control  and apply.